Letter to Jack Buckner, CEO UK Athletics

27 Jan 2023

Dear Jack,

When we heard on Sunday that World Athletics was consulting UK Athletics on proposed changes to the rules for transgender males in athletics, we thought it was important to make sure that the voice of grassroots athletes was heard.

This week we have conducted a survey of volunteers in athletics clubs in the UK. We have attempted to ensure that our survey is as scientifically robust as possible.

We found that 87% of respondents who expressed a view opposed World Athletics' "preferred option" of simply changing the requirements on testosterone levels to below 2.5 nMol/l for 24 months. They instead believed that males who have undergone male puberty should not be able to compete on the female category.

Our sample size was sufficient to establish that a majority of respondents oppose World Athletics’ view with an enormous level of statistical confidence. You can find the full details of the methodology on our website. http://www.transathleticssurvey.uk/results.php

We hope that you will take into account the view of the grassroots when deciding how to respond to World Athletics consultation.

Yours sincerely,

Alice Sullivan, Chair, Mornington Chasers
John Armstrong, Webmaster and Coach, Mornington Chasers